Saurabh Totey

Résumé and Curriculum Vitae

Here are my résumé and curriculum vitae (CV). Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or other details! My longer term aspiration is to do research in quantum information theory, but I currently develop software at Amazon Web Services.


Longer term, I want to have strong research and mentorship skills. I'd ideally end up in academia, but I would be happy as long as I could practice those skills. Academically, I am most interested in quantum information theory because it touches on so many different fields and is seemingly still underexplored. I am, however, a little bearish on the utility or transformative potential of quantum computation, but I am not set in that opinion.

I recently completed my undergraduate degree from The University of Colorado, Boulder. I studied computer science and engineering physics as majors and took minors of quantum engineering, math, and philosophy. I was a learning assistant or grader throughout various points in my studies, and those were valuable experiences for me. I also did undergraduate research, which was formative and really worthwhile. More details are available in my previously linked résumé or CV at the beginning of this page.

Another important experience during my undergraduate education was studying abroad. I studied abroad for a summer in Metz, France. I was able to learn a lot about myself and broaden my horizons while studying abroad, and, despite finding it very difficult, I really appreciate and miss that time. It was then that I gained a passion for learning languages.


The bulk of my professional experience has been software development. I started my first software job in high school. To this day, I work in software development. Specifics can be found in my résumé or CV that are linked at the beginning of this page.

In high school, I did tutoring work for children of various ages. I continued with that sort of work in college by working as a learning assistant and grader. I feel very strongly about the communal benefits of mentorship, and I hope to develop these abilities further.


One of my life goals is to be proficient in Spanish, French, Hindi, and Japanese in addition to English. My main target with any language is to be able to communicate with others and not have language be a significant barrier or burden. I believe I am capable enough in Spanish to claim that I am able to speak it as a second language, but I am still focusing on learning it for now. Once I am satisfied with my command of Spanish, I will shift the bulk of my focus onto French. I currently have some grasp of French. As for Hindi and Japanese, I know not much beyond the basics.

I love practicing languages with others, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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