Saurabh Totey

Sorry, this page is a work in progress! Right now, this page is just a skeleton for what I will put here. Eventually, I will include examples of relevant projects.


My GitHub has the majority of my projects. I will showcase my favorite programming projects in this section.


Below are the skills I feel confident in. I will add examples that demonstrate my proficiency at some point.

Programming Languages

I enjoy languages that have functional features, but I am also skilled in object-oriented programming. I am comfortable combining both styles of programming. I generally try to write declarative code whenever possible because well-written declarative code is also more readable.

My favorite languages are Rust and Kotlin. I like Rust because, for my use cases, it often allows me to not write C/C++ but still provide much of the same functionality and then some. I like Kotlin because it has really nice syntactic sugar and shortcuts for common programming tasks, and it just feels really comfortable to use.


Version Control

I am extremely familiar with Git. I store most of my projects on GitHub.


I do most of my programming in NeoVim, but I am planning on switching back to using other editors like VSCodium and JetBrains IDEs.

Computer Setup

I use Arch Linux on my desktop with all my configurations available on this GitHub repository, but I intend to switch to NixOS sometime soon. I use a Macbook as a commuter laptop.

The Text Purity Proverbs

The enlightened individual who seeks aesthetics removes trailing whitespace. That is beauty.

The enlightened individual who seeks consistency ensures that every line, including the last line, ends with a newline character. That is equality.

The enlightened individual who seeks semantic correctness uses tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment. That is meaning.

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