Saurabh Totey

Sorry, this page is a work in progress! I plan on uploading more recordings of me playing piano and cello here. I have already included a few of my older samples of me playing. I play these instruments as a hobby because I love music and the feeling of growing my abilities and getting better.


The original song is by Seiko Oomori, but I am playing a piano composition by Fonzi M. The song appears as the seventh opening of Black Clover.


The original song by angela is the first opening to Fafner in the Azure. My heavily modified version is one I learned by ear.

Hacking to the Gate

The original song is sung by Kanako Itō. It is the opening of Steins;Gate. I am playing a composition by Theishter.

God Knows

The original song is sung by Aya Hirano. The song appears in the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I learned this piece from sheet music by Josh Agarrado.

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